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FootWash Country

A Dream Come Reality

The activity is indescribable.  Once you see it you can hardly believe your eyes.

Is it a friendship reunion?
Is it a picnic?
Is it a flea market?
Is it a bazaar?

Yes, what is it?  

You'll know once you have witnessed it.

The Footwash a reality or myth?

Somewhere in the process of spreading information, people believed that the society meetings were actually ceremonial rituals called "footwashings".  Although footwashing as a religious act is practiced by other groups of Baptist people, it is not a practice of the Fairhope Benevolent Society.

A group of people coming down for the annual day teasingly said they were going to a footwash thinking that the event was a contrast from the city events and might require them to wash their feet when they returned back home.  Today, thousands of people from far and near including such places as Canada, California, New York, Florida, Michigan, Georgia, etc. come to take part in the celebration which now starts a few days before the 4th Sunday in September.

Indeed, this event has caused a lot of people to find Uniontown on the map.  Not only are people coming from everywhere, but even facilities to accommodate the crowd have expanded. 

Alabama Footwash 2014
Alabama Footwash September calendar

Fourth Sunday in September

The Society decided to select a time and hold an annual affair.  The first meeting was held on the 4th Sunday in September and every 4th Sunday thereafter.

The Society members still meet in the little one room building today and each meeting always includes a serman by a minister.  It is tradition for the women to wear white.